Meet Our Team

Karla R. Dick
Advisory Board Member

Focusing on biology and chemistry, Karla graduated from Tarleton State University in 1993. She received her medical degree from the University of North Texas Health Science Center – Fort Worth in 1997. Her Family Medicine Residency was conducted at the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. Karla is Board Certified in Family Medicine and she practices at Family Healthcare Associates in Mansfield, Texas. Karla describes her personal introduction to medical errors: “I felt deep concern about the trauma caused by medical errors through the experience of my twin sister. She was treated at MD Anderson where they neglected to evaluate and document a large breast nodule for a year and a half. It turned out to be cancer. Afterward, the facility refused to acknowledge any mistake. I provided concrete suggestions to prevent such mistakes in the future. They never responded to my suggestions. I began researching medical errors and decided I was going to do as much as I can the rest of my career to spread awareness of the prevalence of preventable medical error. Medical errors are a public health crisis that the healthcare industry has not adequately addressed. We need more physician and consumer involvement to encourage change. I’m committed to doing whatever I can to improve patient safety.”

Karla is an outdoors person. She’s hiked in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Scotland, Iceland, Turkey, and many other places. She also takes in foster dogs and helps to find them homes, including obedience training to help make dog adoptions stick.

Alan Levine
Advisory Board Member

A graduate of Boston University, Alan has extensive experience in the field of patient safety. Before retirement, he worked for the HHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Office of Evaluations and Inspections. He coordinated over 100 national studies of HHS programs including the management of patient safety grants, quality of care at community health centers, performance of state medical boards, minority access to organ transplantation, healthcare for Native Americans, healthcare provided by rural health clinics, etc. Alan chaired an OIG workgroup on medical errors identifying patient safety issues. Alan’s personal encounter with medical errors started when his mother died from an overdose of asthma medication at a Jacksonville hospital in December 1998. He asked the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Florida to review the care she received. When they refused, Alan enlisted the Public Citizen Litigation Group in a successful lawsuit. In addition to work on Hospital Watchdog, Alan is also active in volunteer work for the Patient Safety Action Network and Public Citizen’s Health Research Group. He said: “I do get a high degree of satisfaction from my patient safety work.”

Bob Aller
Reporter & Website Administrator

Bob Aller has produced & directed documentaries on various subjects including autism, adverse medication reactions, scientific methodology and prostate cancer. Having graduated from the UCLA film school, Bob later taught filmmaking at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the Art Center College of Design. His films have received many awards including an Academy Award nomination. Bob created a website for prostate cancer patients that provides educational video interviews with patients and doctors, Bob’s encounter with hospital errors occurred with the death of his wife in 2016, resulting from overdoses of albuterol in the ER at a hospital. Bob started a website to report on problems at Lompoc hospital (low CMS & Leapfrog ratings). Members of the local community submitted material for the site. Bob found support for his efforts from various patient advocates. Suzan Shinazy suggested to Bob that his website could be expanded to report on hospitals nationwide. That’s how things got started.

Teresa T, Goodell
Advisory Board Member

Teresa practiced as a registered nurse in intensive care for 30 years with 3 additional years in hospice care. Teresa is certified in trauma care and wound care and as an adult clinical nurse specialist. She received her Master of Science as an adult clinical nurse specialist from Kent State University. Later, Teresa received her Ph.D. in nursing from the Oregon Health & Science University in 2004. She followed with post-doctoral work focusing on the complications of hospitalization for older adults. Teresa lectures nationally on pressure injury, trauma nursing care, and symptom management and measurement and has published numerous research and clinical papers. Her many years of intensive care nursing experience inform her efforts for improved patient safety and quality of care. Teresa resides in Oregon and she and her husband enjoy kayaking, sailing, travel and their three rescue cats.

Robert Oshel
Advisory Board Member

Robert E. Oshel, Ph.D., is an expert in medical malpractice and medical discipline. Before retirement, he was Associate Director for Research and Disputes at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Practitioner Data Bank. He was responsible for statistical analysis of the Data Bank’s report information on malpractice payments and licensure, clinical privileges, and other disciplinary actions. He established the Data Bank’s Public Use data file. Robert is active in various patient safety efforts: advising Public Citizen and Consumers Union (Consumer Reports). He frequently consults with newspapers and broadcast outlets concerning stories on medical malpractice and medical discipline issues. He is the author/co-author of many journal articles and a book chapter on these issues.

Suzan Addison Shinazy
Team Leader

Suzan Addison Shinazy, RN, has been a tireless advocate for patient safety since her mother died of medical errors in 2003. Suzan experienced medical harm herself during surgery in 2012, resulting in a long-term disabling condition. Despite the many daily challenges her condition presents, Suzan created and passionately nurtures a grassroots Facebook page to confront medical harm. In 2015 she founded Medical Error Transparency Plan. The group is a welcoming place to share unique personal experiences and frank viewpoints for about 1,500 men and women who experienced serious harm in the health care system. For over a decade Suzan worked on medical harm issues with Consumers Union Safe Patient Project. She is a Board member of Health Watch USA and credits both organizations for mentoring her on the critical need for safer patient care. Suzan, also known to rescue stray pets, makes her home in Bakersfield, California.